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After many requests and requests, we can finally launch our latest innovation. Our S23™ Foam Sprayer : An ejector that produces foam and a water only mode if rinsing is desired.

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ISO-8317- certified

Complete solution with several quality bottles.

Mixor MP is a powerful trigger that handles even the most aggressive chemicals thanks to its high chemical compatibility. Mixor MP adds unique value to product safety & quality through a lock button on the trigger in combination with a neck lock on our approved and selected bottles.

Black and white - Spray. Available to order in several colors.

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Boat maintenance

By applying a hose end sprayer to a certified canister, the number of cleaning steps is reduced and the work becomes easier for the user. It becomes easier to access hard-to-reach places when treating all parts of the boat. 

The spray nozzle is mounted on a can with concentrated liquid and connected to a water hose. Via the spray nozzle valve, the right proportions of liquid and water are mixed to achieve desired concentration level. This reduces the risk of incorrect dosing.

Simply apply the liquid to the desired area and get minimal spillage and environmental impact.

Use Blender® HP Remote and SP05 PC for smaller and hard-to-reach areas.


The most requested spray nozzle today.

Mixer® HP Remote

Mixor® HP Remote ready to use on hard-to-reach or limited surfaces.

SP05™ PC

Construction entirely in plastic and high chemical compatibility.


Mixer® HP Remote

SP05™ PC

The most requested spray nozzle today.

Mixor® HP Remote ready to use on hard-to-reach or limited surfaces.

Construction entirely in plastic and high chemical compatibility.

Cleaning both indoors and outdoors

The can with spray nozzle is simply connected to the water hose and the product is mixed with the right amount of water.

Suitable for products that should be left on the surface as well as for products that should then be rinsed off. The can can be easily disconnected from the hose or choose a spray nozzle with a rinse function.

With automatically the correct dosage every time, the user saves both time and money when cleaning all large surfaces.

With trigger sprayers that ensure good performance combined with high safety for the user, value is added to the brand and provides increased customer satisfaction. Avoid spills and save the environment with automatically the same dosage at each press. Cleaning becomes easier with our high-quality trigger sprayers on the cleaning products.


Trigger with selectable housing and nozzle.

SP05™ PC

Construction entirely in plastic and high chemical compatibility.


Construction entirely in plastic and high chemical compatibility.

Car care

Car care products such as cold degreasing, rim cleaning and spray waxes require efficient spreading and high durability during both freezing temperatures and hot summer days. To avoid spills and leaks, the trigger spray must be of very high quality. Our trigger sprayers therefore contribute to reduced environmental impact and increased time efficiency.

Mixer® MP

Powerful trigger suitable for the use of more aggressive chemicals.

Mixer® HP Remote

Ready to use on hard-to-reach or limited surfaces.

SP05™ PC

Construction entirely in plastic and high chemical compatibility.

The garden

This saves time as the user does not have to dissolve the product in water. With the automatic dosing of the spray nozzle, the product maintains the right concentration, which reduces the risk of the grass being damaged. Tests show that liquid fertilizers provide superior effect for the lawn.

The spreader nozzle is ideal for spreading all concentrated liquid products in plant care, such as moss control agents, herbicides, garden fertilizers and pest control.

When cleaning wooden decks, facades and outdoor furniture, the spray nozzles are the best tool for users as well as nature and the environment.


The most requested spray nozzle today.

Mixer® HP Remote

Mixor® HP Remote ready to use on hard-to-reach or limited surfaces.

The Mini Turret™

The product is available in different concentrations.

Canister for Hose End Sprayers

Specially designed to fit our spray nozzles.